Houses Everywhere

“Variations of these houses used to sit in the background of my graffiti paintings, but over the last two to three years they’ve become the main focus of my work.
Up on rooftops, half submerged in rivers, on stilts, floating and exploding.”

– London based artist Attai who loves to paint houses all over the city.


~ By Attai ~ Deptford, London, UK – Photo:


~ By Attai ~ Deptford, London, UK – Photo:

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A Million Years Lost In A Moment

Swedish artist Vegan Flava recently completed his latest mural titled “A Million Years Lost In A Moment”. The murals is located in Trollhättan, Sweden and is part of the Trollhättan Street Art Festival.


~ By Vegan Flava ~ Trollhättan, Sweden – Photo:

The piece is supposed to raise awareness about the urgency for everyone to act upon global warming.


~ By Vegan Flava ~ Trollhättan, Sweden – Photo:

More information about Vegan Flava and his work tomorrow!

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Meet Vhils

As you know from yesterday’s article, Vhils is the tag name of Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto. He started doing graffiti in the early 2000s and soon after started experimenting with different techniques.
Vhils allegedly gained prominence when his work of a face carved into a wall appeared alongside a picture by street artist Banksy at the Cans Festival in London in 2008. A photograph of him creating the work appeared on the front page of The Times.
Vhils creates his unique wall art by dissecting poster ads and carving into or excavating walls with tools such as etching acid, bleach, pneumatic drills and other processes, to reveal their layers.

Vhils Paris France

~ By Vhils ~ Nuit Blanche, Paris, France – Photo:

Alexandre explains what inspires him: “I try focusing on the act of destruction to create; this is something I have brought over from graffiti. I believe we are all composed by layer upon layer of social and historical fabric. Our social system is the product of this same process of layers, and I believe that by removing and exposing some of these layers—in fact, by destroying them—we might be able to reach something purer, something of what we used to be and have forgotten all about. It’s all very symbolical so take it as a semi-archaeological dissecting of layers of history and culture.”
– Alexandre Farto/Vhils for Wynwood Walls

Vhils Sydney Australia

~ By Vhils ~ Sydney, Australia – Photo:

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Meet Guache

Guache is an artist from Cali, Colombia, South America.
In his murals, Guache is not afraid of combining colors, ornaments, ancestral imagery and contemporary design elements.
His work beautifies mainly the walls of Colombia as well as the popular city market’s walls but also re-interprets Latin American and indigenous symbols.

Guache Cochabamba Bolivia

~ By Guache ~ Cochabamba, Bolivia – Photo:

Guache Paris

~ By Guache ~ La Barra Latina, Paris, France – Photo:

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Meet Askew One

Askew One, known as Elliot O’Donnellis, is a New Zealand based multi-disciplinary artist born in Palmerston North but raised mostly around Morningside in Auckland. He is recognized worldwide for his unique approach to graffiti art.

“People get confused when I say I’m not a street artist. It’s in respect to my journey, what I went through even if I paint some murals now.”
– @askewone on Twitter

With over 20 years of experience and the need to reach out to the world from his home in remote New Zealand, Askew is self-taught in graphic design, illustration, photography, publishing, directing and editing music videos and moving images.*


Billie Holiday ~ By Askew One ~ Miami, USA – for Space 52 mural project – Photo:

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Who Is Fintan Magee ?

Fintan Magee is a talented artist born in Lismore NSW, Australia. As a child he moved to Brisbane and began drawing shortly after. In his early teens he was exposed to Brisbane’s graffiti culture and began to tag his name across the city in the form of large vibrant letters.
Nowadays, Fintan creates large realistic murals that can be often found in isolated and abandoned corners of the city.
He also loves to fully utilize every available surface in his vibrant pieces.

Enjoy the gallery!

Fintan Magee Support

~ By Fintan Magee ~ Support – Photo:

Fintan Magee stabanauts

~ By Fintan Magee ~ Stabanauts – Photo:

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Meet Bisser

The Belgian street artist Bisser creates giant characters in a very unique style. His signature characters seem to be sketched on walls only using a pencils and some crayons and that is possibly the reason why his work is so noteworthy.
Besides the fact that Bisser was born in Leuven and that he has been studying Animation Film in Ghent, there is not much info about him anywhere.
Take a look at some of his murals ↓

Bisser Existenz

~ By Bisser ~ Existenz – Photo: globalstreetart

Bisser Belgium street art festival

~ By Bisser ~ Day One Festival – Photo: globalstreetart

This photo is the right part of the wall that Bisser did for the House of Food in Roeselare in Belgium during the Day One Festival.
Read more to see the closeup of this piece!

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Urban Art In Vilnius!

I’ve been to Vilnius, Lithuania a few weeks ago and as I was searching for the Os Gemeos’ mural I found more urban art on the way.
Most photos were taken by nightfall so it slightly affected the quality.
Enjoy the gallery!

~ Os Gemeos ~ Vilnius, Lithuania

~ By Os Gemeos ~ Vilnius, Lithuania

I wrote about this mural by Os Gemeos even before knowing that I would visit Vilnius, you can read it here.

~ Vilnius, Lithuania ~

~ Vilnius, Lithuania ~

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