By Strøk

Recent piece by Norwegian stencil artist Strøk that can be found on Rue De La Glaciere in Paris, France.
Strøk is known for his multi-layered stencils that create a very realistic image. This impressive mural is no exception, it is very detailed and thanks to the shadows it seems very real.


~ By Strøk ~ Paris, France – Photo:

Strok Paris

~ By Strøk ~ Paris, France – Photo:

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David Walker in Belgium

A few days ago London-based artist David Walker created his biggest mural at the Freinetschool De Pit in the city of Diest in Belgium.
David is known for his signature vibrant portraits, painting freehand, using only spray paint without the aid of brushes.


~ By David Walker ~ Diest, Belgium – Photo:


~ By David Walker ~ Diest, Belgium – Photo:

More murals by David Walker → here 

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Who Is Robert Proch?

Robert Proch is a painter, muralist and animator who lives and works in Poznan, Poland. He was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland.
As a teen, he started experimenting with graffiti in his hometown of Bydgoszcz, Poland. His work is greatly influenced by the atmosphere in his environment; music, weather etc. He is inspired by artists such as Francis Bacon, Claude Monet, William Turner, Miles Davis, Sat One…

Robert Proch

~ By Robert Proch ~ Photo:

“Metaphor, Symbol, Deconstruction, Metamorphosis, it all works well if the first step comes out from defined universe which is possible to identify with. Good painting should speak itself. No user guides.”
– Robert Proch,

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Meet Guache

Guache is an artist from Cali, Colombia, South America.
In his murals, Guache is not afraid of combining colors, ornaments, ancestral imagery and contemporary design elements.
His work beautifies mainly the walls of Colombia as well as the popular city market’s walls but also re-interprets Latin American and indigenous symbols.

Guache Cochabamba Bolivia

~ By Guache ~ Cochabamba, Bolivia – Photo:

Guache Paris

~ By Guache ~ La Barra Latina, Paris, France – Photo:

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Deers By Dzia

Dzia is a street artist based in Antwerp, Belgium.
Recently, she brought alive this wall at the Designcenter De Winkelhaak by painting several colorful deers.


More info about Dzia and her work tomorrow!

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Who Is Li-Hill ?

Li-Hill is a Canadian visual artist from Toronto who employs painting, illustration, stenciling, and sculptural elements within his works.
“With a background in graffiti and mural painting and a degree in Fine Arts, his works range from smaller multiples to enormous murals that explore industrialization, scientific breakthrough, man versus nature and information saturation.  He incorporates found objects and unconventional materials to structure complex multi-layered pieces that are as aesthetic as they are thought provoking.[…]”

Li-Hill Deacon-of-Dark-River

~ By Li-Hill ~ Deacon of Dark River – Reykjavik, Iceland – Photo:

Li-Hill Deacon-Of-Dark-River-Detail

~ By Li-Hill ~ Deacon of Dark River – Reykjavik, Iceland – Photo:

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Who Is Fintan Magee ?

Fintan Magee is a talented artist born in Lismore NSW, Australia. As a child he moved to Brisbane and began drawing shortly after. In his early teens he was exposed to Brisbane’s graffiti culture and began to tag his name across the city in the form of large vibrant letters.
Nowadays, Fintan creates large realistic murals that can be often found in isolated and abandoned corners of the city.
He also loves to fully utilize every available surface in his vibrant pieces.

Enjoy the gallery!

Fintan Magee Support

~ By Fintan Magee ~ Support – Photo:

Fintan Magee stabanauts

~ By Fintan Magee ~ Stabanauts – Photo:

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Hungry Dragon Attacks

A couple of days ago Bisser finished his mural for the Festival Concreto in Fortaleza, Brazil.
His latest piece depicts a big dragon holding a living castle!
It is not clear whether the dragon is hungry and wants to eat the little castle or if the two of them are only bounding and chatting. Anyway, the castle is smiling and has no idea about any possible evil intensions this hungry dragon could have.

Bisser Fortaleza Brazil

~ By Bisser ~ Festival Concreto – Fortaleza, Brazil – Photo: Bisser’s Facebook

His unique characters are very detailed as always.

Bisser Brazil

~ By Bisser ~ Festival Concreto – Fortaleza, Brazil – Photo: Bisser’s Facebook

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Meet Bisser

The Belgian street artist Bisser creates giant characters in a very unique style. His signature characters seem to be sketched on walls only using a pencils and some crayons and that is possibly the reason why his work is so noteworthy.
Besides the fact that Bisser was born in Leuven and that he has been studying Animation Film in Ghent, there is not much info about him anywhere.
Take a look at some of his murals ↓

Bisser Existenz

~ By Bisser ~ Existenz – Photo: globalstreetart

Bisser Belgium street art festival

~ By Bisser ~ Day One Festival – Photo: globalstreetart

This photo is the right part of the wall that Bisser did for the House of Food in Roeselare in Belgium during the Day One Festival.
Read more to see the closeup of this piece!

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