Inhaling Trees

Stencil-work by Dr. Love at Bristol Upfest Festival 2OI5.
This powerful mural depicts a patient in a smock pushing a cart with a tree while inhaling it.
Dr. Love used stencils and moss for the tree to create this amazing piece.

~ By Dr Love ~ Upfest 2015 in Bristol, UK - Photo by Daz Smith (

~ By Dr. Love ~ Upfest 2015 in Bristol, UK – Photo by Daz Smith (

More information about Dr. Love is coming up tomorrow!

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Upfest 2OI5

If you haven’t heard about Upfest yet, here is some info for all street art lovers.
Upfest is a three-day street art and graffiti festival that was started in 2008 and is said to be the largest free street art and graffiti festival in Europe!
It now attracts more than 250 talented artists from 25 countries and across the UK to paint live on 30,000sqft of walls and surfaces in front of 25,000 visitors around Bedminster and Southville areas of Bristol.
Unfortunatelly I discovered this too late, since the festival was going on from 25th to 27th July. However, if you are in these areas, go check out some new amazing murals. And please let me know if you make some photos! 😉

~ By Gatty ~ Upfest 2OI5, from

~ By Gatty ~ Upfest 2015, from

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