Wild Orphan

Mural by Tamara Alves for Wool Festival in Covilhã, Portugal.

“This mural was named after an Allen Ginsberg poem called Wild Orphan.
After discovering the city of Covilhã, this piece transformed itself into an ode and at the same time an awareness to the slow death of its heritage, the bobbin lace work as one of them.
‘Don’t let it became a myth.’ This piece is both it’s death and its reborn at the same time: ‘to create out of his own imagination the beauty of his wild forebears – a mythology he cannot inherit.'”
– TamaraAlves.com

Tamara Alves Wild Orphan

~ By Tamara Alves ~ Covilhã, Portugal – Photo: tamaraalves.com

Tamara Alves Wild Orphan mural

~ By Tamara Alves ~ Covilhã, Portugal – Photo: tamaraalves.com

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Who Is Tamara Alves?

Tamara Alves is a Portuguese artist, based in Lisbon who’s inspired by urban life. Tamara is focused on illustration, painting, tattoos and street art.

“The work of Tamara Alves represents an erotic view of a contemporary body with the effects of its own limits expanded. Instead of a rational thinking there’s a rough passion, a body-without-organs, a becoming animal, the experienced sensations, ‘starving histerical naked’ (Allen Ginsberg).
Since 2000 she has been a part of several projects, group and solo exhibitions, street art interventions and she’s one of the most notorious female street artists in Portugal.”*

Tamara Alves Living Nature

~ By Tamara Alves ~ under Bridge Pilar – Lisbon,Portugal – Photo: tamaraalves.com

Tamara Alves mural

~ By Tamara Alves ~ Photo: bookastreetartist.com

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By Tamara Alves

Mural by Tamara Alves who is a female street artists based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Tamara Alves

~ By Tamara Alves ~ Photo: tamaraalves.com

I got a comment asking “where are all the women street artists?” and that is what I am going to focus in the next days – there are many women in the graffiti and street art world who create excellent murals.

Previous posts about great female street artists: Zabou, Alice Pasquini.

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