Australian artist RONE just finished the tallest mural in Sweden located in the city of Gothenburg. The piece is titled “Emma” and it is a beautiful portrait of a local young chef.


~ By RONE ~ Photo:


~ By RONE ~ Photo:

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Meet Vegan Flava

Vegan Flava is a street artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He likes to portray skulls and skeletons in a very realistic way. His murals are mostly black-and-white and located in interesting areas.
His older mural depicting a part of human skeleton has been painted on a collapsing building in Stockholm, Sweden.


~ By Vegan Flava ~ Stockholm, Sweden – Photo:

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A Million Years Lost In A Moment

Swedish artist Vegan Flava recently completed his latest mural titled “A Million Years Lost In A Moment”. The murals is located in Trollhättan, Sweden and is part of the Trollhättan Street Art Festival.


~ By Vegan Flava ~ Trollhättan, Sweden – Photo:

The piece is supposed to raise awareness about the urgency for everyone to act upon global warming.


~ By Vegan Flava ~ Trollhättan, Sweden – Photo:

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