Meet Stik

“This piece is called Art Thief,” says the street artist known as Stik. It’s a searingly hot day in Shoreditch, east London, and we’re standing outside his old studio on Pitfield Street. Painted on the door, one of his distinctive black-and-white figures carries another under its arm. “In a way, that’s me carrying off the artwork,” Stik explains. “I had a policy that I never sold any art, and then I did, and it changed. I wrestle to maintain some sort of purity.”
Stik is a garrulous, upbeat, youthful-looking character, who says he is “almost middle-aged”. His identity isn’t exactly a secret (“I’m no Scarlet Pimpernel”), but he politely withholds even basic biographical details: “I’m Stik now.”
– Stik for TheGuardian

~ By Stik ~ London - Photo:

~ By Stik ~ Shoreditch, London – Photo:

~ By Stik ~ Shoreditch, east London - Photo:

~ By Stik ~ Shoreditch, east London – Photo:

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JADE is a Peruvian street artist who often depicts the realities surrounding him, the problems people face in Peru and the deep connection that they have with their own culture.

Recently he created a new beautiful mural entitled “The Home Of Sigh” in Lima, Peru.
It is located close to the Bridge Of Sigh which is one of the most touristic area in Lima and a popular location for lovers to walk around.

~ By JADE ~ in Peru

~ By JADE ~ in Peru

The piece represents the love that can be found in the neighborhood.

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