Who is Mr. THOMS ?

Mr. Thoms is a Rome-based artist who has worn just about every creative hat imaginable from writer, painter and sculptor, to graphic designer, street artist, cartoonist, set designer, filmmaker and illustrator.

“THOMS! It ‘an onomatopoeic sound of something bouncing from one surface to another, in a continuous motion a dynamic soft elasticity that allows it to move in many different places, but always maintaining a cadence, a pace that characterizes his style.
A sign that follows a trajectory always easily distinguishable yet versatile that adapts to the multiple contexts in which he finds himself spending, in constant search of that ‘balance between mood and expressive concept.”
– from thoms.it

~ By Mr. THOMS ~ Alive If Burning - Rome, Italy

~ By Mr. THOMS ~ Alive If Burning – Rome, Italy

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