Banksy and the EU in England

In case you’ve missed the big news: a few weeks ago, the mysterious street art legend Banksy unveiled his brand new piece in Dover, UK – located next to the busy A20 motorway on York Street.

This mural is one of Banksy’s largest artworks to date and shows a massive European flag with a stenciled worker removing one of the European flag’s 12 stars. Located next to Dover’s ferry terminal, the British artist once again created a perfectly timed piece with the UK’s future exit from European union and an uncertain future concerning Europe.


~ By Banksy ~ Photo and info via


~ By Banksy ~ Photo and info via


~ By Banksy ~ Photo and info via

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Meet Stinkfish

Stinkfish is a Colombian street artist who uses found photographs to recreate them into murals.
As you can see, he also likes to combine vibrant colors to create murals that you can not overlook.
Stinkfish believes that street art is important because it holds no limits and gives anyone the opportunity to participate.

~ By Stinkfish ~ London - Photo by Peter McGowan

~ By Stinkfish ~ London – Photo by Peter McGowan

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