HONET is a graffiti artist and illustrator from Paris, France. He started graffiti in 1988, painting some walls along the lines tracks and on trains beginning of the 90′, in Paris, then across all Europe from London to Bucharest, from Helsinki to Athens and far away in cities such as Moscow, Beijing or Tokyo.
He is known mostly for his playful vibrant murals with clean lines.

HONET Cite de la viotte

~ By HONET ~ Cité de la Viotte, Besançon – Photo: HoNeT on Facebook

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Bollywood Sugar

Elaborate wheatpaste mural titled “Bollywood Sugar” by Dutch artist Handiedan located on 820 S. Clinton Ave at the corner of Meigs St. in Rochester, NY.
Handiedan used paper on brickstone and look-through stickers on glass for this project. The mural has been co-curated by Urban Nation and created for WALL\THERAPY 2015.


~ By Handiedan ~ Rochester, NY – Photo:

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Who Is SMUG?

Sam Bates aka SMUG or Smug One is an Australian born artist based in Glasgow, Scotland who is known for his photo-realistic murals. Allegedly, he started experimenting with spray paint at the age of 11. SMUG is working entirely freehand, using aerosol cans alone.

Smug Glasgow

~ By SMUG ~ Glasgow, Scotland – Photo:

Smug One

~ By SMUG ~ Glasgow, Scotland – Photo: @smugone on instagram

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Meet INO

INO is a visual artist from Greece who studied Fine Arts and now works as a freelancer.
INO painted his first wall when he was a high school student only to have fun. In the beginning, writing graffiti was just the way to communicate with a certain social group. But, today, he is well known and respected graffiti artist.

INO is part of the urban art movement that sends raw messages of protest, the latest in a wave of socially and politically conscious artwork spreading over the walls of Athens. He aims to draw attention to the social situation in this crisis-hit country, where even the youngest in society are grappling with the perception of a bleak future. As a result, he said, “they feel the need to act, resist and express themselves.”*


“Man With No Name” ~ By INO ~ Minsk, Belarus – Photo:

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Meet Mademoiselle Maurice

Mademoiselle Maurice is a French artist who was born and raised in the high mountains of Savoy. Following study Architecture in Lyon, worked in Geneva and Marseille she has settled before going live a year in Japan.
Following this year in the country of the rising sun, and the tragic events of 11 March 2011 (earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear power plant explosion of Fukushima) while living in Tokyo, she decided to start composing its artistic and urban works in connection with these facts.

Mademoiselle Maurice is now based in Paris, France where she creates her colorful artworks using origami, lace or embroidery, or other mixed media.

Mademoiselle Maurice Corsica porto vecchio

~ By Mademoiselle Maurice ~ Porto Vecchio, Corsica – Photo:

Mademoiselle Maurice Corsica

~ By Mademoiselle Maurice ~ Porto Vecchio, Corsica – Photo:

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Who Is Zoulette?

Zoulette is a talented women graffiti artist who is known for her paste-ups that include her cute signature black-and-white characters.
Having grown up in a neighborhood of the city of Lyon, France she was surrounded by tags, graffiti, posters and murals. As a teenager she started to tag walls here and there, to this day she is more focused on the world of graffiti and she is passionate about street art from the early 90’s.

Zoulette Janvier

~ By Zoulette ~ Photo: Zoulette Street Art on Facebook

Zoulette love

~ By Zoulette ~ Photo: Zoulette Street Art on Facebook

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Who Is Analizarte Chanquia?

Analizarte is a street artist from Santa Fe, Argentina. She’s been drawing and painting since she was a little girl. She likes to include her surroundings like trees, columns into her colorful paintings.
Analizarte’s signature on every mural is “ARTISTA BUSCA PARED”, meaning: “ARTIST SEEKING WALL”. It is her way of finding people who like her work and who will possibly offer her a new wall to paint.

AnalizarteChanquia Callao

~ By Analizarte Chanquia ~ Callao, Peru – Photo:

In her works Analizarte uses mainly wall paint since it is more affordable – which is something many artists do in South America.

AnalizarteChanquia Santa Terasa Rio de Janeiro

~ By Analizarte Chanquia ~ Santa Terasa, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – Photo:

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Who Is Jilly Ballistic?

There is not much information about the New York City based street artist Jilly Ballistic – except for a short introduction on her website:

“Who the Hell is Jilly Ballistic?
New York City’s most well-known unknown subway artist.”

Jilly Ballistic Fulton St

~ By Jilly Ballistic ~ Fulton St, Queens bound G – Photo:

This short video is a great overview of her work:

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The Impact Of Discovery

New York based Canadian street artist Aaron Li-Hill decorated the building of the Cultural Arts Center of the biggest Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” (Kiev) with a large-scale mural. This piece speaks to two influential discoveries within the last two centuries. The name of the artwork is “The Impact Of Discovery”.

Painted on this multi-surfaced building is an explosion created from the Boson Higgs experiments, where two Hydrogen protons collide together at the speed of light. These experiments shed light on the nature of our universe and the particles, which tie it together.
“Overlaid on top is a manipulated image mixed from my own process and a photograph by Etienne-Jules Marey made at the turn of the 20 century. Marey, a scientist and a contemporary of Edward Muybridge, was the first person to put multiple images into one plate making the first multiple exposed images. Marey along with Muybridge, were the godfathers of film and sowed the seeds that have given birth to the powerful cinematic industry—exporting Western culture globally—that we see today,” the artist wrote on his Facebook page.

Li-Hill-1_photo by Maksim Belousov

~ By Aaron Li-Hill ~ Photo: Maksim Belousov

The image of the man running, mirrored, becomes a symbol of hydrogen protons hurtled toward each other and of the impact that these discoveries have on the world around us and the world within us.
“This piece also has a subterranean meaning that is influenced by the current situation in Ukraine. These conflicts breed discoveries that, through struggle, enable culture, identity and community to be forged,” says Li-Hill.

Li-Hill-2_photo by Maksim Belousov

~ By Aaron Li-Hill ~ Photo: Maksim Belousov

The mural was created during the International Festival of Urban Art called Mural Social Club that takes place in Ukraine from May 12 till July 30.

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