Meet Stik

“This piece is called Art Thief,” says the street artist known as Stik. It’s a searingly hot day in Shoreditch, east London, and we’re standing outside his old studio on Pitfield Street. Painted on the door, one of his distinctive black-and-white figures carries another under its arm. “In a way, that’s me carrying off the artwork,” Stik explains. “I had a policy that I never sold any art, and then I did, and it changed. I wrestle to maintain some sort of purity.”
Stik is a garrulous, upbeat, youthful-looking character, who says he is “almost middle-aged”. His identity isn’t exactly a secret (“I’m no Scarlet Pimpernel”), but he politely withholds even basic biographical details: “I’m Stik now.”
– Stik for TheGuardian

~ By Stik ~ London - Photo:

~ By Stik ~ Shoreditch, London – Photo:

~ By Stik ~ Shoreditch, east London - Photo:

~ By Stik ~ Shoreditch, east London – Photo:

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