Who Is Fin DAC?

Fin DAC is an Irish artist based in London, UK who makes murals of beautiful women with eye masks and gorgeous clothes. He believes – just like the 19-century art movement The Aesthetics did – that the purpose of art is to bring the beauty to the world. Art doesn’t have to comment on political and social issues, it can be simly beautiful to look at.

~ By Fin DAC ~ Photo: widewalls.ch

Fin DAC named his style ‘Urban Aesthetics’, in which he combines the modern urban stencil art and traditional art of portrait.

~ By Fin DAC ~ Photo: widewalls.ch

Fin DAC paints real women that he meets in person. He likes to choose different types of women to capture the beauty of women of all ethnicities. 

“Instead of capturing the women into the stereotype and exploiting their desire to fit in, he gives them freedom to be themselves on the surfaces of many walls. ” – Widewalls.ch

~ By Fin DAC ~ Photo: whudat.de

Have a beautiful day!


Street art by AFI.
“If you ever see a stencil with a colored AFI as a signature, then it is me. What I like out there is that people do not have a choice, they will see the graffiti, like it or not. And they should start appreciate the fact that it is free. Street art is the real thing, outside of marketing and pr games.”

AFI traffic light

~ By AFI ~ Thessaloniki, Greece – Photo: @afistreetart on Facebook

Afi now what

~ By AFI ~ Stoke Newington, Redbridge, UK – Photo: @afistreetart on Facebook

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Who Is Strøk?

Anders Gjennestad aka Strøk is a Norwegian street artist from Arendal, currently based in Berlin, Germany. He is known for his multi-layered stencil work that contains extraordinary details. His stencils are mostly based on his own photographs. Strøk likes to recreate the photographic visuals on new surfaces such as decaying ruins of factory walls or rusted metal.
Allegedly, Strøk often chooses not to sign his outdoor works by any name, stating “that it is not important to him if people know the identity of the artist as much as it is important for them to feel something in front of his work”.


~ By Strøk ~ Porsgrunn, Norway – Photo: andersgjennestad.com


~ By Strøk ~ Arendal, Norway – Photo: andersgjennestad.com

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Meet Murdoc

Murdoc is a street artist based in Sydney, Australia. There is not much info about him and he often gets mistaken for Murdock who is a California-based stencil artist.
Murdoc likes to leave his black-and-white stencil art mostly on illegal walls around Sydney.


~ By Murdoc ~ Sydney, Australia – Photo: globalstreetart.com


~ By Murdoc ~ Sydney, Australia – Photo: globalstreetart.com

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