My Work: Spray Art

As promised – after my recent post “My Work: Sophia Loren” where I shared pictures of my last portrait drawing – here are the photos of my work where I’ve used spray paint and stencils.
A couple of years ago, after seeing Banksy’s documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop for the first time, I decided to make my own stencil (and maybe become a great street artist as well 🙂 ). I didn’t know much about stencils – I only knew that I wanted to create a bird for some reason. After painting one, editing the painting in Photoshop and printing a giant template for the stencil, I started to carve out the stencil into linoleum – which was quite difficult and took me a few weeks.
In my second attempt to make a stencil I used a photo of me and my friend and transformed it into a three layer stencil – this time I cut it out easily of some sturdy paper.

Last week I decided to use my two old stencils again and this is the result:

Read more to see my first multi layer stencil from the time I was 14. ↓

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Who Is CASE ?

Andreas von Chrzanowski aka CASE or Case Maclaim is a German graffiti artist  known for his incredibly life-like graffiti based on the representation of body shapes and photo-realistic portraits sprayed on the sides on buildings all across Europe.
He is one of the four members of the “Maclaim Crew”, which was founded in 2000 and is considered as pioneers in photo-realistic representation within the graffiti scene.
Nowadays, CASE lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.*

~ By Case ~ Sao Paulo - Photo: case_maclaim Facebook

~ By Case ~ Sao Paulo – Photo: case_maclaim Facebook

~ By Case ~ Friendensbruecke, Frankfurt, Germany - Photo: case_maclaim Facebook

~ By Case ~ Friendensbruecke, Frankfurt, Germany – Photo: case_maclaim Facebook

CASE says that he managed to capture the whole society in this mural.
Read more to see the detailed shot!

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Who is David Walker ?

Working in portraiture, painting freehand, using only spray paint and without the aid of brushes David has developed a signature multi-layered style.

Incorporating both sophisticated and dumb mark making he creates countless scrawled lines and abstract areas that weave through clashing colours, translucent drips and decaying letterforms, the results are visually rich portraits that fuse photo realism, abstraction and graffiti art sensibilities with a raw energy that comes from the medium.

His work is Exhibited in the UK and Internationally and aims to challenge preconceptions about fine art and urban art painting within the gallery confines and the public domain.

– From David Walker’s Facebook

Spray Paint on Canvas ~ By David Walker ~

Spray Paint on Canvas ~ By David Walker ~

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