Tribute to Gaudí

In August 2015 Greek artist Fikos created this mural in Barcelona, Spain in order to pay tribute to Gaudí.

On his website he shared:
“‘If nature is the work of God, and if architectural forms are derived from nature, then the best way to honor God is to design buildings based on his work.’
– Antoni Gaudí

A mural-tribute in the city that elected him as one of the brightest architects of all time.


~ By Fikos ~ Barcelona, Spain – Photo:

Fikos Barcelona

~ Fikos ~ Barcelona, Spain – Photo:

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Who Is Borondo?

Gonzalo Borondo is a Spanish street artist and gratuate in fine arts. He started doing graffiti while studying in Madrid, Spain. At the beggining he did tags all around the city as well as the classic bombing on trains, however, he soon started experimenting with new techniques and new ways of expression.

On his Facebook page @borondoofficial he shared:
It ‘s easier to find me in the streets rather than online. I live in a dimension of “here and now” that enables me to have a more sincere approach, something that couldn’t be mediated by the screen.

I communicate through my art in a straightforward way, usually helped by the public nature of the great walls that host my work, directly involving me in the stories and in the surrounding space. I physically live what I do.
However, I can recognize a good means of communication even if it doesn’t suit me, neither by nature nor by method; I can see how useful it could be to share and, from experience, how dangerous it would be to let someone else use it in my place.

Borondo Lagos Portugal

~ By Borondo ~ Lagos, Portugal – Photo: Borondo on Facebook

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Who Is Escif?

Escif is a Spanish street artist, most of his work can be found in the streets of Valencia, Spain, but also in countries such as Canada, Italy, France, Poland and more.
The use of subdued colors and simple lines helps the artist make a humorous statement on various social issues. His work is much more about the message – in an interview with Unurth the artist shares:

“Although sometimes is not easy to separate, I try to focus my work around concepts, not just shapes. I try to found my style like the consequences of my own ideas. I understand the painting as an exercise of reflection that can be shared with people.
I’m not looking for decorative paintings, I try to wake up viewers minds.”

Escif Katowice, Poland

~ By Escif ~ Katowice, Poland – Photo:


~ By Escif ~ Valencia, Spain – Photo:

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Spark Of Life

Large piece by Spanish artist Alejandro Maiques Paredes aka Xelon Xlf for La Mancha Colors Festival 2015 in Las Mesas, Cuenca, Spain.

Xelon Xlf

~ By Xelon Xlf ~ Animation by Xèlön xlf on

“A big robot taking photos to floating spark plug with old-school camera. Talking about spark of life, life is awesome and we have to be aware.”
 – Xèlön Xlf


~ By Xelon XHF ~ Photo:


~ By Xelon XHF ~ Photo:


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Meet Pez!

Pez, which means “fish” in Spanish, started painting in 1999 on the outskirts of Barcelona. At first he used to write his signature, and soon it evolved into a fish.
On his website he shares that he has been searching for a universal language to comunicate with walkers – and he found the smile. One day he decided to paint a fish character with a great smile near his tag and that is how El Pez was born! The huge smile is a way to pass on good vibrations to walkers on the streets.


~ By Pez ~ Menilmontant, Paris – Photo:


~ By Pez ~ Bogota – Photo:

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Who Is Daniel Dalopo ?

Daniel López Pozo aka Daniel Dalopo is a talented artist born in Casariche, Spain.
His murals are very colorful and incorporate various geometric structures, faces and randomly placed objects.
For some people his work might seem chaotic or confusing.
Daniel says that he has been mostly influenced by painters of the twentieth century and that his art “could be classified as Cubism Pop”.

Future ~ By Daniel Dalopo and Annatomix ~ Tanner Street, London, UK

Future ~ By Daniel Dalopo and Annatomix ~ Tanner Street, London, UK – Photo:

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