Who is the ETAM Crew ?

In the prewious article you have seen one work from a member of Etam Crew – Sainer. Together with Bezt, they paint large scale murals of surreal scenes heavily charged with Eastern European folklore, mysticism, fantasy and witty humor. Etam Cru’s artworks are scattered around Europe on countries such as Poland, Norway, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Russia, Portugal, Belgium and recently even in the U.S., in Richmond.

~ By ETAM Crew ~

~ By Sainer – from ETAM Crew ~

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The Old Smoking Lady

A new mural appeared in Lisbon, Portugal. This amazing mural called “Crossroads” is done by the Street Artist Sainer who is the member of Etam Crew. Using the facade color as the background for his piece, he perfectly blended the image of an elderly lady who is surrounded by animals.

"Crossroads" ~ By Sainer in Lisbon, Portugal

“Crossroads” ~ By Sainer in Lisbon, Portugal

Come back tomorrow to see more of Etam Crew’s work and to find out more about Sainer!

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