Morning In Prague

 This wheatpaste poster can be found near the tram station Želivského in Prague 10.
It depicts a boy holding a beverage while looking into the distance and covering his eyes from the sun. I think this is how a lot of people look like in the morning – enjoying their coffee/tea and thinking about the day and what is ahead of them.

~ Unknown artist ~ Photo: by my friend Theresa


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Prague – In February

Yesterday I went to Žižkov – a district in Prague that I don’t go to very often. I had to visit a graffiti shop to buy new spray paint and on my way there I encountered some new street art.

This is an interesting decoration of Ceel Bar’s walls. I heard they serve home-made burgers and a variety of different rums.
The meaning of these images is unclear to me, however, I like the style and the use of only 3 basic colors.

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You’re A Grownup – Don’t Panic

 A couple of months ago, the Czech artist Pasta Oner and his team (Jan Kaláb, Michal Škapa, Xdog, Zipper, ZEB one and Only one) created two murals in the capital of Czech Republic – Prague. The artists have been contacted by the Prague’s transportation enterprise to paint the underground/subway station “Můstek” that is located on the green line A.
The first mural with the title “You’re a grownup, don’t panic” is painted in pop art style and the second mural is a vibrant piece with writing that says: “Hate Free Zone”.

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