Who Is Fin DAC?

Fin DAC is an Irish artist based in London, UK who makes murals of beautiful women with eye masks and gorgeous clothes. He believes – just like the 19-century art movement The Aesthetics did – that the purpose of art is to bring the beauty to the world. Art doesn’t have to comment on political and social issues, it can be simly beautiful to look at.

~ By Fin DAC ~ Photo: widewalls.ch

Fin DAC named his style ‘Urban Aesthetics’, in which he combines the modern urban stencil art and traditional art of portrait.

~ By Fin DAC ~ Photo: widewalls.ch

Fin DAC paints real women that he meets in person. He likes to choose different types of women to capture the beauty of women of all ethnicities. 

“Instead of capturing the women into the stereotype and exploiting their desire to fit in, he gives them freedom to be themselves on the surfaces of many walls. ” – Widewalls.ch

~ By Fin DAC ~ Photo: whudat.de

Have a beautiful day!

My Work: Sophia Loren

 Today’s post is not about street art, however, it could be possibly called street art if it would be placed somewhere on a wall or other surface in a public space. I just wanted to share that my hobby is not only to observe art, but also to create it.
Next time I will try to post something more street-art-oriented and use spray paint instead of a pencil.

I tried to draw the Italian actress Sophia Loren, my inspiration/template for this portrait was an old photo of her wearing this scarf.

Thank you for visiting, regular street art post will be up again tomorrow! 😉