Tor Marancia, Rome – Part II

Another gallery full of murals from the peripheral district Tor Marancia in Rome, Italy!
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The first mural titled “Welcome to Shanghai” is located next to Vhils’ near the Tor Marancia/Arcadia bus station. The piece is by Chinese artist Caratoes and it depicts a four-eyed Chinese Opera mask holding an origami version of the Roman she-wolf.
Tor Marancia used to be a village with little houses, shared bathrooms and small vegetable gardens. At that time this suburb was nicknamed Shanghai – allegedly because of the frequent floodings and extreme poverty.

~ By Caratoes ~ Welcome to Shanghai

Next mural is one of my favorite in this district – it is a piece by the Italian artist Mr. Klevra titled “Saint Mary of Shangai”. ┬áSaint Mary of Shanghai has been a fictional patron of the neighborhood back when Tor Marancia used to be a village.

~ By Mr. Klevra ~ Saint Mary of Shanghai

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