By Olexander Grebenyuk

Ukrainian artist Olexander Grebenyuk just finished his new mural for the Mural Social Club Festival in Kyiv, Sribnokilska street 1.

His mural is dedicated to the evolution of life on the Earth.
“Synergetics is an interdisciplinary science explaining the formation of complex systems. It’s a global evolutionism. The main idea of my art piece: the emergence of our planet and the development of life on it is a long chain of coincidences. The image of man who is covered with plants symbolizing the close connection with the evolution of global processes”, says artist.

Olexander Grebenyuk art

~ By Olexander Grebenyuk ~ Photo:

Olexander Grebenyuk

~ By Olexander Grebenyuk ~ Photo:

Grebenyuk had started his artistic career as a street artist in 2004. He participated many street art festivals in Ukraine and abroad. In 2011 he initiated a creation of artistic group called “Good People” in the city of Donetsk. The group managed to create five murals in Donetsk before the war started. Since May 2014 he lives and works in Kharkiv.

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