Invader invades Morocco

French artist Invader recently visited the capital of Morocco to leave his signature mosaics around the streets of Rabat.

One month after my quick invasion of Marrakech, I went back to Morocco to invade its capitale city, Rabat !
Rabat is a wonderfull city, a perfect spot for the 20 mosaics I have disseminated in the narrow streets of the medina, full of riads, stray cats and zellige tiles but also in the new part of the city.” – Invader


~ By Invader ~ Photo:

Learn more about Invader and his work here: Who is Invader?


The Chilean muralist INTI brought to life a stunning piece titled “Exodus” which is introducing a character holding a tiny lamb in its hands.
The artist added: “Morocco .. Bridge to the european dream. The land with a passage to a better future for sub-saharan immigrants, and a final destination for the vast majority.”

~ By INTI ~ Exodus -Morocco -

~ By INTI ~ Exodus -Morocco –

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