Martin Whatson in Dubai

Norwegian artist Martin Whatson recently visited Dubai, UAE to paint this wall for the Dubai Street Museum. His piece is depicting the traditional art of picking dates from palm trees. Notice how the palm tree is rendered using his signature graffiti style.


~ By Martin Whatson ~ Dubai, UAE – Photo:


~ By Martin Whatson ~ Dubai, UAE – Photo:


~ By Martin Whatson ~ Dubai, UAE – Photo:


~ By Martin Whatson ~ Dubai, UAE – Photo:

You can find out more about his work here → Who is Martin Whatson?.

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Who Is Martin Whatson?

Martin Whatson is a Norwegian born and based street artist. While studying Art and Graphic design at Westerdals School of Communication, Oslo, he started to grow interest in the street art and graffiti scene.
After discovering Banksy’s work, he decided to try stencils himself, it was in winter 2004.
His unique work combines monochromatic images done with stencils that are decorated with vibrant graffiti.

Martin Whatson Paint Love Italy

~ By Martin Whatson ~ Paint Love – Terricina, Italy – Photo:

Martin Whatson David

~ By Martin Whatson ~ David – Stavanger, Norway – Photo:

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