Refugees & Eduardo Kobra

A few days ago Eduardo Kobra created a new mural titled “Wall in solidarity to refugees”.
This piece can be found in the streets of Sao Paulo and is done in his signature colorful style with geometric shapes.
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Eduardo Cobra Refugees

~ By Eduardo Kobra ~ Sao Paulo, Brazil – Photo: Eduardo Kobra’s Facebook


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Einstein Riding A Bike

Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra has delivered a new wall in São Paulo, Brazil. The wall, entitled as “Genial is riding a bike”,  is 13 meters high by 7 meters large and the painting shows Albert Einstein riding a bicycle. On the front of the bicycle Kobra has inserted his own version of the famous Einstein formula (E=MC2) which could be translated as: Love= Me + you2.
– from StreetArtUtopia

~ By Kobra ~ São Paulo, Brazil

~ By Kobra ~ São Paulo, Brazil