JR in Rio de Janeiro

French artist JR unveiled a couple of giant installations in anticipation of the Olympic Games opening in Rio de Janeiro.

The first giant piece represents Sudanese athlete Mohamed Younes Idriss who lives and trains in Cologne, Germany. “He missed out on qualification for the 2016 Rio olympics but he is there somehow,” says JR.

JR Rio de Janeiro

~ By JR ~ Photo and info: streetartnews.net

JR rio detail

~ By JR ~ Photo: streetartnews.net

The second artwork which  can be found around the Barra neighborhood, showing a diver leaping into an adjacent area of the ocean. Also attached to large-scale metal beams, the artwork illustrates an athlete with arms stretched open hovering over nearby rocks and making its way into the water below.

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Os Gemeos & JR

Os Gemeos and JR created a couple of installations located in the tunnels of the Palais de Tokyo Museu. During the occupation time (1940/1944) the underground of the museum was used as storage for all the pianos stolen by the Nazi.


~ By Os Gemeos and JR ~ Photo: @osgemeos on onstagram


~ By Os Gemeos and JR ~ Photo: @osgemeos on onstagram


~ By Os Gemeos and JR ~ Photo: @osgemeos on onstagram

“The Art installations are not accesible to the public for safett reasons. It will stay there forever.”

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The Scarcity Of Water

New collaborative piece by the twin brothers Os Gemeos and JR in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Os Gemeos wrote a comment to explain the meaning behind this mural:

“[…] the scarcity of water is the reflex of what man and the bad administration of our politics are doing for years! It is the answer from nature to the neglect and disrespect from the deforestation and the pollution of our rivers, lakes and seas. We are all paying the price of filthy politics.”
– Os Gemeos, Facebook

Os Gemeos JR

~ By Os Gemeos and JR ~ Sao Paulo, Brazil – Photo: Os Gemeos’ Facebook


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