Meet INO

INO is a visual artist from Greece who studied Fine Arts and now works as a freelancer.
INO painted his first wall when he was a high school student only to have fun. In the beginning, writing graffiti was just the way to communicate with a certain social group. But, today, he is well known and respected graffiti artist.

INO is part of the urban art movement that sends raw messages of protest, the latest in a wave of socially and politically conscious artwork spreading over the walls of Athens. He aims to draw attention to the social situation in this crisis-hit country, where even the youngest in society are grappling with the perception of a bleak future. As a result, he said, “they feel the need to act, resist and express themselves.”*


“Man With No Name” ~ By INO ~ Minsk, Belarus – Photo:

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Somebody Is Watching You

A couple of days ago Greek artist INO painted the building of the biggest security company in Greece.

“INO created a large scale mural with a human wearing a suit and having a CCTV camera instead of head. The man is simultaneously watching with a google. Using a surreal extravaganza of analog and digital, the artwork is criticizing the recent increase of surveillance that is violating our personal data in the name of law and public safety.”*


~ By INO ~ Athens, Greece – Photo:

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