Who Is Dolk ?

Dolk Lundgren, or simply Dolk (Norwegian for dagger), is a Norwegian stencil artist.
He has education from mechanic courses in Bergen, Norway where he was born. He also studied graphic design in Melbourne.
Early in his career, it was speculated that Dolk was a pseudonym for the famous street artist Banksy. It was even assumed, due to some stylistic similarities, that Dolk was an outlet for Banksy’s less challenging, more fun works.
Dolk’s works can be seen at walls in cities like Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Lisbon and Melbourne.

Dolk police

~ By Dolk ~ Photo: themost10.com

Dolk Kaviar Fabrikken

~ By Dolk ~ Fabrikken – Photo: dolk.no

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