Street Art Is Dead

In 2012 graffiti artist Sever, the member of MSK crew, painted a controversial piece in Detroit showing six street artists (Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, Twist, Banksy, Futura and Kaws) carrying a coffin labeled “Street Art”.
This piece is definitely very controversial and it was heavily discussed back in 2012, however, the real aswer to what Sever wanted to say remained unclear.
Does he think street art is dead?
Maybe this piece is a critique of what street art has become – street art is sometimes produced for commercial purposes. Some artists are producing murals to gain recognition which could lead to gallery shows and the opportunity to sell artwork and some feel that this goes against the original principal of street art.

This Is Not My City ~ By Sever ~ Detroit - Photo:

This Is Not My City ~ By Sever ~ Detroit – Photo:

What do you think about the meaning of this piece?

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