Meet Gamma Acosta

Gamma Acosta also known as Gamma Gallery is a Colorado-based artist born in Longmont who is known for his photo-realistic pieces.
He says that he has been drawing since before he could remember and that creativity and problem solving were always on his mind. After graduating from school, Gamma did not pursue art for quite some time; it wasn’t until years later and perfect circumstances that he found a new expression, public art.
The world was his painting surface, he discovered, and he had a way with a spray can that took him beyond the hardened parameters of street writing.


~ By Gamma Acosta ~ “Colossus of Rhodes” – Photo: Gamma Gallery on Facebook


~ By Gamma Acosta ~ “Colossus of Rhodes” – Photo: Gamma Gallery on Facebook

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Portrait Project

Portrait by Colorado-based artist Gamma Gallery.

“The purpose of the portrait project is to shine some light on creative people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and have been putting in work in the Denver metro area. So many people have moved to Colorado in the last few years that the scene is changing quickly and it’s our intent to highlight those who have been holding it down.”
– Gamma Gallery, Fb


~ By Gamma Gallery ~ Photo: @gamma gallery on facebook

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