Who Is DALeast ?

“DALeast is currently a human being.”
– That is all you can find on DALeast’s official website. However, after doing a little research I found some more specific info about this Chinese artist.
DALeast is not only a street artist, he is as well an accomplished painter, sculptor, and digital artist. Each of his pieces of art is created using paint to look like thousands of 3D-wires that are coming together to form beautiful shapes. His work is mostly done in the black-and-white color spectrum, but he likes to add a pop of color to bring the subject to life.
See for yourself how his amazing and precise work creates the perfect 3D illusion.

DALeast Borås-Sweden

~ By DALeast ~ Boras, Sweden – Photo: daleast.com

daleast Sweden

~ By DALeast ~ Boras, Sweden – Photo: daleast.com

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