Meet Indigo

Indigo is a Canadian artist, writer and dancer based in Cape Town, South Africa.
She currently works in many mediums including stencils, posters, acrylics, oils, photography, printmaking and more.
“Her artwork is an exploration of human emotion, personal story and the weight of memory. Influenced by her own history, that of the people around her and the imagined histories of strangers, her work often carries a poetic sense of melancholy, the kind of thoughtful sadness that persists long after the tears are gone.”*


~ By Indigo ~ Photo:

“Born into a family of artists and activists, Indigo‚Äôs creative practice has always been multidisciplinary. Having grown up in Northern BC, she moved to the Lower Mainland in 2000 to study Contemporary Dance and English at Simon Fraser University. The years after graduation were spent working as a choreographer, performer and instructor in Canada and the United States, both independently and as a part of multiple companies and collectives.”

“She has recently relocated to Cape Town as as Co-director of /A WORD OF ART and sister organization Write on Africa alongside founder Ricky Lee Gordon. Both organizations work hand in hand connecting people through creative practices to help effect social change on a local, national and international scale.”

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