Banksy Primary School

Bridge Farm Primary School gave 5-11 year old kids the permission to rename several of the school’s houses after notable people associated with the city of Bristol.

“Among the winners were “Cabot,” after John Cabot, the 15th century explorer; “Blackbeard,” after the pirate; and “Banksy,” after the infamous, as-yet-unidentified street artist who got his start in the Bristol underground art scene.”

Even the street art legend himself heard the news and wanted to thank the kids.
The kids must’ve been really surprised to find a brand-new piece on the wall of their school building when they returned from holiday break.

He left them this 14-foot (~4.3m) mural and a sweet letter.


~ By Banksy ~ Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images


~ By Banksy ~ Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

A really nice letter that encourages the kids to express their creativity.


~ By Banksy ~ Photo: @jonkay01 on twitter

It is not a new information for many, however Street Art Rat somehow overslept and didn’t publish this one.
Banksy has been and still is a huge inspiration to many.
Here is a little piece of wisdom from his book:

“The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules. It’s people who follow orders that drop bombs and massacre villages.”
― Banksy, Wall and Piece

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Inhaling Trees

Stencil-work by Dr. Love at Bristol Upfest Festival 2OI5.
This powerful mural depicts a patient in a smock pushing a cart with a tree while inhaling it.
Dr. Love used stencils and moss for the tree to create this amazing piece.

~ By Dr Love ~ Upfest 2015 in Bristol, UK - Photo by Daz Smith (

~ By Dr. Love ~ Upfest 2015 in Bristol, UK – Photo by Daz Smith (

More information about Dr. Love is coming up tomorrow!

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