The Liebster Award!

Today I would like to thank James for nominating me for The Liebster Award!
James is a very inspiring person and his posts will make you want to travel the world and explore new places!

I would also like to nominate other amazing blogs; even though there are truly many and I can’t name all of them, I will pick the ones I have been following almost from the beginning of Street Art Rat.

WAY TO PARADISE –> In Matala, Greece

If you want to see my answers to James’ 11 creative questions and see the list of my 11 favourite blogs → click to read more!

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Who Is Hopare?

Alexandre Monteiro aka Hopare is a French street artist based in Paris.
He allegedly discovered street art when he was around 12 years old while coming across an old factory covered with graffiti.
Hopare’s creations are all designed out of a perfect geometry, in a graphic abstract style.
His work often features faces, he uses bright colors and variations of straight lines.

~ By Hopare ~ Casablanca - from

~ By Hopare ~ Casablanca – from

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Lefkada & Athens

Lefkada is a beautiful island with amazing beaches and delicious food!

Athens are full of Street Art, however, the majority of those paintings are simple Graffiti tags. I do not appreciate tagging, since it is basically leaving a signature on random places, which I cannot consider an artistic expression.

On our way to the top of Acropolis

On our way to the top of Acropolis ~ Athens, Greece

Athens and some tags

Athens and some tags

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