Meet David de la Mano

David de la Mano was born in Salamanca, Spain. He graduated in Fine Art from University of Salamanca and later went to doctoral studies at the University of Valencia. David’s murals are characterized by the monochromatic
composition and his works always include his signature human figures.

~ By David de la Mano ~ Photo: daviddelamano.blogspot

Mural painted during the festival of street art Wang Festival in the neighborhood of Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo:

~ By David de la Mano ~ Photo: daviddelamano.blogspot

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Who Is Robert Proch?

Robert Proch is a painter, muralist and animator who lives and works in Poznan, Poland. He was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland.
As a teen, he started experimenting with graffiti in his hometown of Bydgoszcz, Poland. His work is greatly influenced by the atmosphere in his environment; music, weather etc. He is inspired by artists such as Francis Bacon, Claude Monet, William Turner, Miles Davis, Sat One…

Robert Proch

~ By Robert Proch ~ Photo:

“Metaphor, Symbol, Deconstruction, Metamorphosis, it all works well if the first step comes out from defined universe which is possible to identify with. Good painting should speak itself. No user guides.”
– Robert Proch,

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Meet Jerico

Jerico is a Filipino artist born in Rosario, stationed in Rome, Italy. He moved to Rome with his parents when he was little and started doing graffiti at the age of 13. Nowadays, he is known for his expressionist paintings mainly depicting human faces in his unique way. His probably most important project has been his giant mural “Distance Man Nature” in the Tor Marancia neigborhood. His work portrayed “Michelangelo looking” touching fingers and Japanese imagery – click here to view the mural.

Jerico Two Heads

~ By Jerico ~ Two Heads – Photo: Jerico’s Facebook

Jerico The Great Peace

~ By Jerico ~ The Great Peace – Photo: Jerico’s Facebook

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Who Is PixelPancho ?

Marco Bertolli aka PixelPancho is an Italian artist born in Turin. He was introduced to color and form by his grandfather. His passion for art and design led him to the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts and then to the Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain where he obtained his degree. At that time he became familiar with the graffiti scene and started to use spray paint and markers.
Nowadays, he is considered one of the top artists in his field. He likes to work with earthy colors to achieve a more ancient look.

Pixelpancho Nagua

~ By Pixelpancho ~ Nagua, Dominican Republic – Photo: Marco Bertolli’s Facebook

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Meet Herakut

Since 2004 the German street art duo Hera (Jasmin Siddiqui) and Akut (Falk Lehmann ) has been creating magical murals around the world.
Their street art is mostly about storytelling and the creation of imaginary worlds. Hera sets the characters’ form and proportions, whilst Akut paints the photorealistic elements.

On their website they share: “[…]Herakut’s paintings are sensuous, savage, and always remarkable for their powerful dualism. Akut’s photorealistic details play out against Hera’s expressive, more gestural, line-work in canvases that seem poised to articulate stories of triumph and hardship. Humor and text are weaved their way into the work effortlessly.”

Herakut Human

“I dreamt I was a human. It was a… nightmare!” ~ By Herakut ~ Miami Wynwood – Photo:

Herakut Mannheim Germany

“My Superhero Power Is Forgiveness.” ~ By Herakut ~ Mannheim, Germany – Photo:

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Who Is Dolk ?

Dolk Lundgren, or simply Dolk (Norwegian for dagger), is a Norwegian stencil artist.
He has education from mechanic courses in Bergen, Norway where he was born. He also studied graphic design in Melbourne.
Early in his career, it was speculated that Dolk was a pseudonym for the famous street artist Banksy. It was even assumed, due to some stylistic similarities, that Dolk was an outlet for Banksy’s less challenging, more fun works.
Dolk’s works can be seen at walls in cities like Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Lisbon and Melbourne.

Dolk police

~ By Dolk ~ Photo:

Dolk Kaviar Fabrikken

~ By Dolk ~ Fabrikken – Photo:

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Meet Pez!

Pez, which means “fish” in Spanish, started painting in 1999 on the outskirts of Barcelona. At first he used to write his signature, and soon it evolved into a fish.
On his website he shares that he has been searching for a universal language to comunicate with walkers – and he found the smile. One day he decided to paint a fish character with a great smile near his tag and that is how El Pez was born! The huge smile is a way to pass on good vibrations to walkers on the streets.


~ By Pez ~ Menilmontant, Paris – Photo:


~ By Pez ~ Bogota – Photo:

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Meet Drew Merritt

Los Angeles based artist Drew Merritt started painting and drawing as a child. When he was around 12 he got into graffiti and later into some trouble as well.
“You do all the stupid stuff kids do…. I was arrested and got in trouble for years worth of work. I was never that good at graff anyway, I have the worst hand style in the world, but I really liked doing it. So when I got in trouble, I tried to pay my attorney fees, but he was like, ‘Oh don’t worry about it, my wife wants to put murals in our kid’s room.’ So that evolved into this thing…like I can make money off of this.”*

His website doesn’t provide any information about himself except for this sentence:

“I’d rather not talk about it.”
-Drew Merritt

In an interview for Complex he explained that it should be more about the art and less about the artist.

Drew Merritt Kingston Photo

~ Drew Merritt ~ Photo: @kingstonphoto on instagram

He also shared that he doesn’t like to call himself an artist: “I struggle with that because everybody is an artist…especially in L.A. It really got to me. I would go out with my friends to restaurants and bars and everybody I talked to would be like, ‘I’m an artist.’ I see it more like being a doctor or something…to get those letters in front of your name, you have to earn that. You have to be successful. You can’t be like, “I’m Dr. So-and-so, but right now I’m a barista.” Nah dude, if you’re practicing medicine, you’re practicing medicine…. And that’s kind of where I’m at right now. I just feel like I’m not at the level of success to call myself an artist, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get there. It’s one of those uncomfortable things…my own insecurities.”*

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Who Is HNRX ?

HNRX is an artist currently based in Vienna, Austria. He doesn’t consider himself a street artist or a graffiti writer. He started painting with spray paint and acrylics in 2012, however, he has been in love with art since he was a child. He enjoys painting on uneven surfaces that have a story – walls or carboards.
His intention is to create pictures that are fun to look at and to share love and joy.
Enjoy the gallery with HNRX’s food oriented murals!

HNRX Vienna

~ By HNRX ~ Vienna, Austria – Photo:

HNRX Vienna Orange

~ By HNRX ~ Photo:

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Meet Vhils

As you know from yesterday’s article, Vhils is the tag name of Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto. He started doing graffiti in the early 2000s and soon after started experimenting with different techniques.
Vhils allegedly gained prominence when his work of a face carved into a wall appeared alongside a picture by street artist Banksy at the Cans Festival in London in 2008. A photograph of him creating the work appeared on the front page of The Times.
Vhils creates his unique wall art by dissecting poster ads and carving into or excavating walls with tools such as etching acid, bleach, pneumatic drills and other processes, to reveal their layers.

Vhils Paris France

~ By Vhils ~ Nuit Blanche, Paris, France – Photo:

Alexandre explains what inspires him: “I try focusing on the act of destruction to create; this is something I have brought over from graffiti. I believe we are all composed by layer upon layer of social and historical fabric. Our social system is the product of this same process of layers, and I believe that by removing and exposing some of these layers—in fact, by destroying them—we might be able to reach something purer, something of what we used to be and have forgotten all about. It’s all very symbolical so take it as a semi-archaeological dissecting of layers of history and culture.”
– Alexandre Farto/Vhils for Wynwood Walls

Vhils Sydney Australia

~ By Vhils ~ Sydney, Australia – Photo:

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