Who Is 1010?

1010 (pronounce ten-ten) is a Hamburg-based contemporary artist known for his amazing optical illusions that seem like they are portals to other worlds.

There is not too much info about 1010 since he decided to stay anonymous. Originally from Poland, 1010 came to Germany with his parents when he was about eight years of age. After much artistic experimentation, he finally found his true calling in 2010 when he began developing his concept of abstract holes on the walls.*
Although 1010 focuses primarily on street art, he is open to exhibiting his pieces in galleries.


~ By 1010 ~ giant 3D mural along a Parisian highway – Photo: arrestedmotion.com


~ By 1010 ~ Hamburg, Germany – Photo: moma.co.uk


~ By 1010 ~ Photo: moma.co.uk

*Reference: WideWalls.ch: 1010

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Who Is Elian?

Elian Chali is a muralist from Argentina, Cordoba. Elian is known for his abstract style and unique graphic design. He is using vibrant colors and a rich mix of shapes and patterns.. Elian is committed to recreate the spirit of the neighborhood in his work.
Architecture, climate, social policies are only some factors that inspire Elian to create his pieces with the help of geometry and abstraction.
The main theme of his works is the city. With more than 10 collective shows and 3 solo exhibitions, his artworks can be found in many countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, United States, France, England, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Peru, Dominican Republic, Russia and Uruguay.

Elian Azores_Portugal

“Sandwich” ~ By Elian ~ Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal – Photo: elianelian.com.ar

Enjoy the gallery!

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Who Is Fikos?

Greek artist Fikos was born in 1987 in Athens, the city he still calls home. From a young age he painted whatever he saw around him – comics, landscapes, icons and more. At the age of 13 he started studying Byzantine painting under the guidance of George Kordis, with whom he later collaborated for 5 years painting murals in Orthodox churches, while at the same time developing his own personal painting style.

Having a background as both a graffiti artist and an iconographer in Orthodox Christian churches, Fikos is continuing his developmental journey by painting murals in public spaces. The value of these works is exceptional, as it is the first time that the monumental Byzantine technique meets a contemporary art form such as street art. The themes of his murals emanate from the Orthodox Christian tradition and ancient Greek mythology.


~ By Fikos ~ Sovann Macha-Bangok, Thailand – Photo: fikos.gr


~ By Fikos ~ Gorgo-Nicosia, Cyprus – Photo: fikos.gr

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Who Is SMUG?

Sam Bates aka SMUG or Smug One is an Australian born artist based in Glasgow, Scotland who is known for his photo-realistic murals. Allegedly, he started experimenting with spray paint at the age of 11. SMUG is working entirely freehand, using aerosol cans alone.

Smug Glasgow

~ By SMUG ~ Glasgow, Scotland – Photo: thisiscolossal.com

Smug One

~ By SMUG ~ Glasgow, Scotland – Photo: @smugone on instagram

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Who Is Analizarte Chanquia?

Analizarte is a street artist from Santa Fe, Argentina. She’s been drawing and painting since she was a little girl. She likes to include her surroundings like trees, columns into her colorful paintings.
Analizarte’s signature on every mural is “ARTISTA BUSCA PARED”, meaning: “ARTIST SEEKING WALL”. It is her way of finding people who like her work and who will possibly offer her a new wall to paint.

AnalizarteChanquia Callao

~ By Analizarte Chanquia ~ Callao, Peru – Photo: artistabuscapared.com.ar

In her works Analizarte uses mainly wall paint since it is more affordable – which is something many artists do in South America.

AnalizarteChanquia Santa Terasa Rio de Janeiro

~ By Analizarte Chanquia ~ Santa Terasa, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – Photo: artistabuscapared.com.ar

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Who Is Baby Guerrilla?

Baby Guerrilla is a talented Melbourne artist and a graduate from the Victorian College of the Arts. She grew up around Braybrook and Sunshine near Melbourne, Australia and her work has been exhibited widely, including the National Gallery of NSW.

On her website she shared some words regarding her work:
“My mission is to liberate art from just the gallery or the picture frame and make it accessible to everyone. I love the idea of setting art free, setting our souls free to dream and imagine and go floating across a wall.

I seek to create worlds, meaning out of mayhem and dreams from despair.

After graduating from VCA I was all set for life as a painter.  Street art began as a hobby on the side that seemed to take on a life of its own then grew and grew.  Now I see the two mediums as complimentary.  The possibilities for my drawings are infinite.

I see drawing on walls as a beautiful challenge… the challenge of space and constraints. Defying gravity, dancing with gravity.  The love affair continues…”


Mural for Victoria Uni ~ By Baby Guerilla ~ Photo: babyguerrilla.com

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Meet Indigo

Indigo is a Canadian artist, writer and dancer based in Cape Town, South Africa.
She currently works in many mediums including stencils, posters, acrylics, oils, photography, printmaking and more.
“Her artwork is an exploration of human emotion, personal story and the weight of memory. Influenced by her own history, that of the people around her and the imagined histories of strangers, her work often carries a poetic sense of melancholy, the kind of thoughtful sadness that persists long after the tears are gone.”*


~ By Indigo ~ Photo: womenstreetartists.com

“Born into a family of artists and activists, Indigo’s creative practice has always been multidisciplinary. Having grown up in Northern BC, she moved to the Lower Mainland in 2000 to study Contemporary Dance and English at Simon Fraser University. The years after graduation were spent working as a choreographer, performer and instructor in Canada and the United States, both independently and as a part of multiple companies and collectives.”

“She has recently relocated to Cape Town as as Co-director of /A WORD OF ART and sister organization Write on Africa alongside founder Ricky Lee Gordon. Both organizations work hand in hand connecting people through creative practices to help effect social change on a local, national and international scale.”

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Meet Rustam QBic

Rustam QBic is an artist from Kazan, Russia focused on illustration, drawing, graphic design and street art. Rustam has without any doubt a wildly surreal imagination and brilliant ideas. His murals are very complex and should be viewed up close to see all the hidden details.

This is Rustam QBic’s recent mural created in Crans-Montana, Switzerland for Vision Art Festival.

Rustam Qbic behind the mirror

~ Rustam QBic ~ Crans-Montana, Switzerland – Photo: rustamqbic.com

Rustam Qbic Mural

~ Rustam QBic ~ Crans-Montana, Switzerland – Photo: rustamqbic.com

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Who Is Mr Klevra?

Mr Klevra is a Rome-based artist. He started as a writer in 1994 and as his work progressed he became more interested in street art. Mr Klevra uses the street as if it was an art gallery: each work must have the right location, the right lighting… His works are able to instantly catch attention of a passer-by with amazing details, color shades, written and hidden symbols of various kinds.
Mr Klevra is also a Christian iconography and Byzantine painting enthusiast which is reflected in his artworks.


~ By Mr Klevra ~ Photo: isupportstreetart.com

Mr Klevra Rome

~ By Mr Klevra ~ Rome, Italy – Photo: streetarthub.com

Click here to see his giant mural from the peripheral district Tor Marancia in Rome, Italy!

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Meet Tiger N

Tiger N is a street artist born in Hidalgo Michoacan, Mexico.
He started painting with his friends from high school 8 years ago. He says that he wasn’t good at painting letters, however, he has always enjoyed drawing portraits.

I asked Tiger a couple of questions about his work and plans for the future:

TigerN (6)

~ By Tiger N ~

How would you describe your style?
“My style is as realistic and surreal, and I try to combine real images with a more metaphorical sense that differs from reality.”

Do you have someone who has been an inspiration to you/who influenced your work?
“Yes, I have had many but the one that influenced me the most is the Maclaim Crew.”

TigerN (5)

~ By Tiger N ~

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