Secret Project By RONE

New murals by Melbourne-based artist RONE who is renowned for beautiful large-scale paintings of women.

According to StreetArtNews, RONE recently launched The Alpha Project – a cluster of four massive portrait murals painted secretly over three months in an large abandoned paper mill due for demolition. The murals were revealed over two days last week to a select group of invited friends.


~ By RONE ~ Photo via

“Over the last few months I’ve been working in secret on a series of works in an old paper mill. This was a dream project, a giant abandoned site where I could paint whatever I saw fit.
These latest works at Yarra Bend have been completed inside the iconic brutalist brick buildings of the old Alphington Paper Mills on Heidelberg Road.” – RONE

Check out RONE’s video and enjoy the gallery.

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Meet Murdoc

Murdoc is a street artist based in Sydney, Australia. There is not much info about him and he often gets mistaken for Murdock who is a California-based stencil artist.
Murdoc likes to leave his black-and-white stencil art mostly on illegal walls around Sydney.


~ By Murdoc ~ Sydney, Australia – Photo:


~ By Murdoc ~ Sydney, Australia – Photo:

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Sailor Story

Russian artist Rustam Qbic just completed this impressive piece in Perth Australia for the Public 2016 Festival.
“Using his illustrative style and familiar palette of blues and purples, Qbic created an image of a lonely guy on a paddle boat filled with books, battling the heavy seas. Symbolizing the learning process and finding the truth, the characters is filling up with water on his journey. With large hands rooted to the ground holding the opened book he is on, the artist depicts the forces that get in one’s way of learning. Known for surrealist imagery and murals that carry universal positive messages, ‘Sailor Story’ is another great example of Qbic’s work.”
– StreetArtNews


~ By Rustam Qbic ~ Perth, Australia – Photo:


~ By Rustam Qbic ~ Perth, Australia – Photo:

More information about Rustam Qbic and his highly detailed murals tomorrow!

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By Herakut

Older mural by the German artist duo HerAkut in Melbourne, Australia.

“So she dreamt of running away with the monkeys. The most curious just tended to be the most courageous.”


~ By Herakut ~ Melbourne, Australia – Photo:

More information about Herakut and their brilliant work tomorrow!

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Who Is Fintan Magee ?

Fintan Magee is a talented artist born in Lismore NSW, Australia. As a child he moved to Brisbane and began drawing shortly after. In his early teens he was exposed to Brisbane’s graffiti culture and began to tag his name across the city in the form of large vibrant letters.
Nowadays, Fintan creates large realistic murals that can be often found in isolated and abandoned corners of the city.
He also loves to fully utilize every available surface in his vibrant pieces.

Enjoy the gallery!

Fintan Magee Support

~ By Fintan Magee ~ Support – Photo:

Fintan Magee stabanauts

~ By Fintan Magee ~ Stabanauts – Photo:

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The Water Carriers

Fintan Magee, the Melbourne-based artist, created a new mural titled “The Water Carriers” in Sydney, Australia. He used acrylic paint and two mirrors to create it, his inspiration was an image of Syrian refugee children that he took from a discarded newspaper clipping.

“The work shows seven Syrian refugee children, at first they appear as regular children but as you step deeper into the space the mirrors we installed distort the image and you discover that the line of children stretches infinitely. The children wait to fill empty water vessels which is a symbol for the healing component. The work comments on the scale of the current refugee crisis and echo’s a cynical view on how history repeats itself. ”

Fintan Magee

~ By Fintan Magee ~ Sydney, Australia – Photo:

Fintan Magee Sydney Australia

~ By Fintan Magee ~ Sydney, Australia – Photo:

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