Who Is Attai?

“Once it was called something else.
Then the letters a.t.t.a.i. were spat out of an old phone and they sat blinking on the table for a bit.
Attai changed shape into a big rolled up ball made of graffiti, music, art, design, grit, moss and hair.
The ball got sick of painting its name, so it started painting other things, with ideas inside.

Attai lives in London and paints wherever it can.”
– TheAttaiPress.com

London based artist Attai is known for painting vibrant houses to bring some colour to the grey walls.


~ By Attai ~ Star Yard London – Photo: theattaipress.com

On his website Attai likes to add a little comment to every project:

“Trying to flip these houses on their heads and dodging the rain to finish this up before dark.
There’s some strange goings on around here at night.”


~ By Attai ~ Brockley Street Art Festival – Photo: theattaipress.com

My piece from the Brockley Street Art Festival 2016, was based a round the idea of a tornado flipping the houses all over the place.
Some Wizard of Oz undertones going on here.
Was tons of fun getting up in a cherry picker and great to finally tackle something on this scale.”

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Houses Everywhere

“Variations of these houses used to sit in the background of my graffiti paintings, but over the last two to three years they’ve become the main focus of my work.
Up on rooftops, half submerged in rivers, on stilts, floating and exploding.”

– London based artist Attai who loves to paint houses all over the city.


~ By Attai ~ Deptford, London, UK – Photo: theattaipress.com


~ By Attai ~ Deptford, London, UK – Photo: theattaipress.com

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