Who Is Fikos?

Greek artist Fikos was born in 1987 in Athens, the city he still calls home. From a young age he painted whatever he saw around him – comics, landscapes, icons and more. At the age of 13 he started studying Byzantine painting under the guidance of George Kordis, with whom he later collaborated for 5 years painting murals in Orthodox churches, while at the same time developing his own personal painting style.

Having a background as both a graffiti artist and an iconographer in Orthodox Christian churches, Fikos is continuing his developmental journey by painting murals in public spaces. The value of these works is exceptional, as it is the first time that the monumental Byzantine technique meets a contemporary art form such as street art. The themes of his murals emanate from the Orthodox Christian tradition and ancient Greek mythology.


~ By Fikos ~ Sovann Macha-Bangok, Thailand – Photo: fikos.gr


~ By Fikos ~ Gorgo-Nicosia, Cyprus – Photo: fikos.gr

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Somebody Is Watching You

A couple of days ago Greek artist INO painted the building of the biggest security company in Greece.

“INO created a large scale mural with a human wearing a suit and having a CCTV camera instead of head. The man is simultaneously watching with a google. Using a surreal extravaganza of analog and digital, the artwork is criticizing the recent increase of surveillance that is violating our personal data in the name of law and public safety.”*


~ By INO ~ Athens, Greece – Photo: streetartnews.com

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Lefkada & Athens

Lefkada is a beautiful island with amazing beaches and delicious food!

Athens are full of Street Art, however, the majority of those paintings are simple Graffiti tags. I do not appreciate tagging, since it is basically leaving a signature on random places, which I cannot consider an artistic expression.

On our way to the top of Acropolis

On our way to the top of Acropolis ~ Athens, Greece

Athens and some tags

Athens and some tags

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