One Original Thought

Old but gold. Stencil piece by Banksy that he painted in 2014 on the corner of Jay Street and Water Street in Brooklyn, New York.
The quote in bright red is from the Greek Cynic philosopher Diogenes of Sinope (also known as Diogenes the Cynic).
It states, “One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings.”


~ By Banksy ~ Info and picture from

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Who Is BK Foxx?

BK Foxx is a New York-based artist who likes to create large-scale murals, working freehand with spray paint. Her murals can be found mostly throughout New York City.
BK Foxx also focuses on social awareness of animals which is why she often depicts them in her murals.

Here is a little bit of what she shared in an interview for Animal New York:

How did you get your name?
My initials are BK. And my little icon is a fox. With an extra “X” because “BKFox” was taken on Instagram (no joke.) My given name is allegedly from an ’80s sitcom.

Why do what you do?
Because I can. Because I speak better visually than verbally. And because nothing beats the feeling of standing next to people admiring the wall you painted while they have no idea you painted it.


~ By BK Foxx ~ Brownsville, Brooklyn – Photo by Audrey Connolly

Do you bring your smart phone into the bathroom with you? Why?
No. I try to leave my phone alone as much possible. Notifications can turn you into a lab rat on cocaine pawing at your screen.


~ By BK Foxx ~ JMZ Walls in Bushwick, NY – Photo:

Drugs or natural highs?
Mostly sugar.
(*Full interview here.)


~ By BK Foxx ~ “80 ft peregrine falcon at Palmyra Cove Sanctuary in NJ” – Photo:


~ By BK Foxx ~ Self Portrait – Photo:

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Recent piece by Portuguese artist Bordalo II in Turin, Italy created for his solo show “DECOMPOSED” at Square23 Gallery that will be up till the end of February 2017.
Bordalo used trash and found materials to make this amazing animal sculpture.


~ By Bordalo II ~ TeatroColosseo, Turin, Italy – Photo:

You can read more about his work → here ←.

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Who Is KAS?

KAS is a Portuguese self-taught street artist who was born and raised in Porto, he currently lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.
His passion for art began at a young age. His father – also a painter – was a major part of his childhood and had big influence on him. KAS took part in various international exhibitios around Europe. In his recent works he mixes photorealism and puzzle patterns which gives this amazing 3D effect to his works.


~ By KAS ~ “Don’t Use Me As a Winter Jacket!” – Kuta, Indonesia – Check out: for more

KAS has been in Bali, China and Malaysia during the last two months and he managed to paint many murals on various street art events, commissions and live paintings.
He also agreed to answer a couple of my questions about his work – If there is anything that you would like to ask KAS then let me know in the comments! I will be more than happy to forward your questions to him!


~ By KAS ~ “Eyes On Temple” – Bali, Indonesia –

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Meet PUG

Werner Bauer aka PUG is a street artist based in Styria, Austria who creates amazing murals mostly using stencils.
He was kind enough to answer a couple of my questions about his work.
All photos are by PUG. Enjoy the interview!


How long have you been doing street art and how did you get into it?

I can’t recall the exact time. I’ve participated in exhibitions for many years and in my free time I would paint in the streets. However, I’ve been painting as PUG only for about two years now. I’ve had enough of exhibitions and galeries and I actually didn’t wanted to continue doing art anymore… but something was missing in my life and that’s why I started doing stencils and that is how I rediscovered my passion for art.

Why did you choose a pug as your image? 
I like his character. He is in principle friendly and peaceful, but he can be really stubborn and he would never bow down to anybody. He is kind of the anarchist among dogs. We are kind of similar in some ways. 🙂


I see that you like working with stencils. How do you make them – on a computer or do you sketch everything by hand?
Both. First I make a sketch which I then edit in my computer. Most of the times I print it and finish some minor things by hand, after that I print the finished painting on an overhead foil to make the stencil.

Who inspires you? Do you have any favourite street artists?
I get my inspiration mostly from music, especially from bands like Sonic Youth or Mudhoney. I’ve never been too interested in art except for creating my work. Sounds strange, but it is what it is. There are of course people whose work is really striking – like f.e. Ernest Pignon who is, not only for me, one of the inventors of street art; and ROA is also amazing. I am therefore very happy that one of my most recent works is located right next to a mural by ROA (in Linz, Austria).


Do your murals have a hidden meaning or do you  mostly create them for enjoyment?
I was a political artist back in the time when I used to make exhibitions, but I’ve always tried to infuse some humour into them. Nowadays, that I almost exclusively paint on walls, I try to simply find the best motif for the specific place and I try to have fun with it. This may have a message, but it doesn’t have to be forced to have one.

Do you have a motto or anything that you would like to share?
I don’t really have any motto… not to talk about it, but to simply make it happen – that is what’s important to me. To the beginners I would like to point out that the best technology doesn’t help if you have no style and no good ideas.

Thank you PUG for your time and amazing photos!
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Who Is Attai?

“Once it was called something else.
Then the letters a.t.t.a.i. were spat out of an old phone and they sat blinking on the table for a bit.
Attai changed shape into a big rolled up ball made of graffiti, music, art, design, grit, moss and hair.
The ball got sick of painting its name, so it started painting other things, with ideas inside.

Attai lives in London and paints wherever it can.”

London based artist Attai is known for painting vibrant houses to bring some colour to the grey walls.


~ By Attai ~ Star Yard London – Photo:

On his website Attai likes to add a little comment to every project:

“Trying to flip these houses on their heads and dodging the rain to finish this up before dark.
There’s some strange goings on around here at night.”


~ By Attai ~ Brockley Street Art Festival – Photo:

My piece from the Brockley Street Art Festival 2016, was based a round the idea of a tornado flipping the houses all over the place.
Some Wizard of Oz undertones going on here.
Was tons of fun getting up in a cherry picker and great to finally tackle something on this scale.”

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Houses Everywhere

“Variations of these houses used to sit in the background of my graffiti paintings, but over the last two to three years they’ve become the main focus of my work.
Up on rooftops, half submerged in rivers, on stilts, floating and exploding.”

– London based artist Attai who loves to paint houses all over the city.


~ By Attai ~ Deptford, London, UK – Photo:


~ By Attai ~ Deptford, London, UK – Photo:

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Nevercrew in Switzerland

New piece by Nevercrew titled “Realizing Machine” in Luzern, Switzerland for the Neusicht exhibition, organized by Viva con Agua, a network of people and organisations commited to establish access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation for all humans worldwide.

The mural depicts their signature whale, incredibly realistic and very detailed as always.


~ By Nevercrew ~ Photo:


~ By Nevercrew ~ Photo:

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Who Is Peeta?

Manuel Di Rita aka Peeta is a talented Italian graffiti writer, painter and sculptor who currently lives and works in Venice, Italy.
He is a member of the EAD crew (Padova, Italy), FX and RWK crews (New York City) and has participated, over the years, in jams, festivals and art shows all around the world.
Peeta is known for is incredible 3D art and abstract shapes. Using a variety of shading, gradients and shadows, his work often appears to be hovering just off the surface on which it is painted.


~ By Peeta ~ Photo:


~ By Peeta ~ Photo:

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