Who Is Analizarte Chanquia?

Analizarte is a street artist from Santa Fe, Argentina. She’s been drawing and painting since she was a little girl. She likes to include her surroundings like trees, columns into her colorful paintings.
Analizarte’s signature on every mural is “ARTISTA BUSCA PARED”, meaning: “ARTIST SEEKING WALL”. It is her way of finding people who like her work and who will possibly offer her a new wall to paint.

AnalizarteChanquia Callao

~ By Analizarte Chanquia ~ Callao, Peru – Photo: artistabuscapared.com.ar

In her works Analizarte uses mainly wall paint since it is more affordable – which is something many artists do in South America.

AnalizarteChanquia Santa Terasa Rio de Janeiro

~ By Analizarte Chanquia ~ Santa Terasa, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – Photo: artistabuscapared.com.ar

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