Who Is 1010?

1010 (pronounce ten-ten) is a Hamburg-based contemporary artist known for his amazing optical illusions that seem like they are portals to other worlds.

There is not too much info about 1010 since he decided to stay anonymous. Originally from Poland, 1010 came to Germany with his parents when he was about eight years of age. After much artistic experimentation, he finally found his true calling in 2010 when he began developing his concept of abstract holes on the walls.*
Although 1010 focuses primarily on street art, he is open to exhibiting his pieces in galleries.


~ By 1010 ~ giant 3D mural along a Parisian highway – Photo: arrestedmotion.com


~ By 1010 ~ Hamburg, Germany – Photo: moma.co.uk


~ By 1010 ~ Photo: moma.co.uk

*Reference: WideWalls.ch: 1010

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Dubai Street Museum: 1010

Recent mural by German contemporary artist 1010 in Dubai, UAE created as part of “Dubai Street Museum” – a unique project that brings real Urban Contemporary Art to the Middle-East.
1010 is renowned for his amazing optical illusions such as this one.


~ By 1010 ~ Dubai, UAE – Photo: by Rom Levy


~ By 1010 ~ Dubai, UAE – Photo: by Rom Levy


~ By 1010 ~ Dubai, UAE – Photo: by Rom Levy


~ By 1010 ~ Dubai, UAE – Photo: by Rom Levy

More info about 1010 and his work tomorrow!

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