Copenhagen Street Art

Amazing mural by Conor Harrington seen on Tullinsgade street in Copenhagen. His mural is depicting two men fighting one another, their clothes suggest they belong to the Renaissance period.

I am currently here in Copenhagen, more street art from this beautiful city is coming soon, as well as more regular posts.

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Shepard Fairey in Seoul

Shepard Fairey aka Obey Giant just completed his new piece entitled “Peace & Justice” at the Seoul Arts Center in South Korea.

The mural was painted at the Hangaram Art Museum where the American street artist currently has an exhibition named “Peace & Justice Seoul” which will be on display until the end of April.


~ By Shepard Fairey ~ Photo via


~ By Shepard Fairey ~ Photo via


~ By Shepard Fairey ~ Photo via


~ By Shepard Fairey ~ Photo via

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Invader invades Morocco

French artist Invader recently visited the capital of Morocco to leave his signature mosaics around the streets of Rabat.

One month after my quick invasion of Marrakech, I went back to Morocco to invade its capitale city, Rabat !
Rabat is a wonderfull city, a perfect spot for the 20 mosaics I have disseminated in the narrow streets of the medina, full of riads, stray cats and zellige tiles but also in the new part of the city.” – Invader


~ By Invader ~ Photo:

Learn more about Invader and his work here: Who is Invader?

It Must Be The Abs

Stencil piece by Polish artist Igor Dobrowolski titled “Sick Future” found at the Berlin Wall in Germany. This work is a series of stencils relating to social media. Dobrowolski likes to depict the bad sides of humans and draw attention to social and political issues.

“There are many topics that I try to move in my work, or maybe the topics move me, such as death, depression, war, problems of the poor and homeless, addiction, narcissism, lack of empathy.”
– Igor Dobrowolski

This is how I found the piece two days ago. And below is a better shot right after it was finished.

~ By Igor Dobrowolski ~ Photo:

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Little Street Art

Random gallery full of street art from the streets and forrests of Prague, Czech Republic.

The first mural depicts various childhood characters from Czech as well as international children’s TV bedtime stories. You will most likely recognize Tom & Jerry, The Smurfs and Mickey Mouse. On the very right are two popular Czech rabbits called Bob and Bobek or “The Rabbits Out Of The Hat” and on the left is my favourite mole “Krteček”.

Unfortunately this unique building has been demolished in November 2016. It was an old telephone exchange in Dejvice that has been standing there for around 40 years.

Little broken car left alone in the forrest…

The following murals can be found at the railway station in Sokolov, Czech Republic.

A little something to think about today: “If we could see the world through the eyes of a child, we could see the magic in everything…”

Have a magical day!