Who Is Agostino Iacurci?

Agostino Iacurci is an artist born in Foggia in 1986, he lives and works in Rome.
In his works of synthetic forms and bright colors, through an essential language, he is capable of driving multiple layers of interpretation.
This approach places his tales on the perennial threshold between innocence and artifice, serenity and catastrophe, in a magnetic tension that is the interpretive key to our very existence.*
His style is very unique and always shows perfectly clean lines.


~ By Agostino Iacurci ~ Rome, Italy – Photo: agostinoiacurci.com


~ By Agostino Iacurci ~ Rome, Italy – Photo: agostinoiacurci.com

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Who Is Fikos?

Greek artist Fikos was born in 1987 in Athens, the city he still calls home. From a young age he painted whatever he saw around him – comics, landscapes, icons and more. At the age of 13 he started studying Byzantine painting under the guidance of George Kordis, with whom he later collaborated for 5 years painting murals in Orthodox churches, while at the same time developing his own personal painting style.

Having a background as both a graffiti artist and an iconographer in Orthodox Christian churches, Fikos is continuing his developmental journey by painting murals in public spaces. The value of these works is exceptional, as it is the first time that the monumental Byzantine technique meets a contemporary art form such as street art. The themes of his murals emanate from the Orthodox Christian tradition and ancient Greek mythology.


~ By Fikos ~ Sovann Macha-Bangok, Thailand – Photo: fikos.gr


~ By Fikos ~ Gorgo-Nicosia, Cyprus – Photo: fikos.gr

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Who Is Borondo?

Gonzalo Borondo is a Spanish street artist and gratuate in fine arts. He started doing graffiti while studying in Madrid, Spain. At the beggining he did tags all around the city as well as the classic bombing on trains, however, he soon started experimenting with new techniques and new ways of expression.

On his Facebook page @borondoofficial he shared:
It ‘s easier to find me in the streets rather than online. I live in a dimension of “here and now” that enables me to have a more sincere approach, something that couldn’t be mediated by the screen.

I communicate through my art in a straightforward way, usually helped by the public nature of the great walls that host my work, directly involving me in the stories and in the surrounding space. I physically live what I do.
However, I can recognize a good means of communication even if it doesn’t suit me, neither by nature nor by method; I can see how useful it could be to share and, from experience, how dangerous it would be to let someone else use it in my place.

Borondo Lagos Portugal

~ By Borondo ~ Lagos, Portugal – Photo: Borondo on Facebook

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HONET is a graffiti artist and illustrator from Paris, France. He started graffiti in 1988, painting some walls along the lines tracks and on trains beginning of the 90′, in Paris, then across all Europe from London to Bucharest, from Helsinki to Athens and far away in cities such as Moscow, Beijing or Tokyo.
He is known mostly for his playful vibrant murals with clean lines.

HONET Cite de la viotte

~ By HONET ~ Cité de la Viotte, Besançon – Photo: HoNeT on Facebook

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Meet AFI

AFI is street artist based “somewhere in Europe”, she is known for her stencils and amusing street art.

“Art has to be shared. Art has to be everywhere; democratized and easily accessible by everyone. Those were some random thoughts I had and then AFI was born. I love passing the message no matter that it might be gone in a few hours. That is the charm of street art. My technique is mainly stencil and my concepts are inspired from the male world. My signature is colorful. You might see my work out in the streets or inside creating on a commission basis.
My base is in Europe, wherever I can find a canvas made of bricks.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”
– AFI Street Art, Facebook

afi stencil

~ By AFI ~ Photo: womenstreetartists.com

AFI thessaloniki

~ By AFI ~ Thessaloniki, Greece – Photo: AFI Street Art on Facebook

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Who Is Handiedan?

Handiedan is a Dutch artist known for her complex collages.
She has a background in photographic design, illustration and graphic design.
Handiedan started working as a mixed media collage artist in 2007.
She pushes mixed-media collage to a higher level by digitally creating classic female pin-ups using ornamental components such as currencies, sheet music and her own cartoon drawings.
When Handiedan is satisfied with the digital design, she prints all the elements that will form the layered collage on paper. She also uses old wood and even zinc as a canvas of the final image.

handiedan_newcastle upon tyne

~ By Handiedan ~ Newcastle upon Tyne, UK – Photo: handiedan.com


~ By Handiedan ~ Newcastle upon Tyne, UK – Photo: handiedan.com

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Who Is SMUG?

Sam Bates aka SMUG or Smug One is an Australian born artist based in Glasgow, Scotland who is known for his photo-realistic murals. Allegedly, he started experimenting with spray paint at the age of 11. SMUG is working entirely freehand, using aerosol cans alone.

Smug Glasgow

~ By SMUG ~ Glasgow, Scotland – Photo: thisiscolossal.com

Smug One

~ By SMUG ~ Glasgow, Scotland – Photo: @smugone on instagram

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