Brothers in Buenos Aires

Argentinean street artist Ever Siempre just finished working on his latest large scale mural titled “Brothers” in the La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires.


~ By Ever Siempre ~ Photo via

On his Facebook page, Ever shared the story behind his mural:

“The neighborhood of “La boca” is born in the margin of Riachuelo, Buenos Aires. This neighborhood has the highest percentage of poverty of the city, also “La Boca” is the neighborhood with the highest percentage of renters in the Capital Federal, due to these social conditions there are also several community kitchens in the neighborhood where grandmothers and mothers takes care of children of other fathers and mothers.

More than 20 children eat in the community dining room ‘Comedor Communication pancita llena corazòn contento de la boca’, these children are called among them “brothers” are a big family that take care of each other.
Brian and Araceli are from different families but they take care one of each other. On the right you can see a graphic representation that compares the number of people who rents contrasted with the amount of owners.
This is a tribute to the present of the neighborhood and the future of “La boca”, an uncertain future conditioned by the gentrification of it.
If you want to contribute with the Shelter “Pancitas llenas corazon contento” follow this link, they need our help!”
– Eversiempre on Facebook


~ By Ever Siempre ~ Photo via

ever siempre

~ By Ever Siempre ~ Photo via

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