Little Street Art

Random gallery full of street art from the streets and forrests of Prague, Czech Republic.

The first mural depicts various childhood characters from Czech as well as international children’s TV bedtime stories. You will most likely recognize Tom & Jerry, The Smurfs and Mickey Mouse. On the very right are two popular Czech rabbits called Bob and Bobek or “The Rabbits Out Of The Hat” and on the left is my favourite mole “Krteček”.

Unfortunately this unique building has been demolished in November 2016. It was an old telephone exchange in Dejvice that has been standing there for around 40 years.

Little broken car left alone in the forrest…

The following murals can be found at the railway station in Sokolov, Czech Republic.

A little something to think about today: “If we could see the world through the eyes of a child, we could see the magic in everything…”

Have a magical day!

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