Millo in Italy

Francesco Giorgino, aka Millo created this stunning mural titled “Blind” for Impronte 2016 festival in Avellino, Campagnia, Italy, which is an event dedicated to street art, inspired by Salvatore Ferragamo – famous designer and craftsman born in Bonito in 1898. The mural was inspired by “Rainbow shoes” that were designed by Ferragamo for renowned actress Judy Garland while she was acting in The Wizard of Oz in 1938.

In one of the first scenes of the movie the protagonist Dorothy sings the song (Somewhere) Over the Rainbow written by Harold Arlen. The song, the colorful movie sets and a series of historical circumstances were conducive to the creation of this shoe. In those years Ferragamo began working with the Sardinian cork (a poor material that was absolutely unknown in the footwear industry).

In his artwork Millo captures the magical atmosphere and the story held in the Rainbow shoe. He also describes the human being and the his inability to understand his own magic.

The idea of Impronte festival stems from the desire to pay homage to the Bonito designer, celebrating the creativity that has marked his career and his many transversal projects which encompassed fashion, design and art.

“We came to the selection of five artists starting from the shapes, the patents and the materials which portrayed Ferragamo’s work over the years: Gola Hundun for his intrinsic investigation in the animal world, Millo for the meticulous black and white and his graphic sign, Milu Correch for the use of floral elements and his work on the woman image, Tellas for the association with nature and Giulio Vesprini for geometries and the wise dosage of colors.”

Thanks to Maria Caro from Impronte 2016 for the photos and info about this event!

Have a creative day!

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