Fintan Magee in Norway

Melbourne-based artist Fintan Magee just finished this 32 meter high mural in Stavanger, Norway. The piece was created as part of this year’s Nuart Festival.


~ By Fintan Magee ~ Photo:

“The mural depicts the portrait of what appears to be an oil worker. Stavanger is known for its rich oil driven economy, that in recent years has started to weaken.
On one hand we have the figure on the left, a meticulously depicted portrait painted against a background showing a modern and prosperous city.
The figure on the right on the other hand seems to vanish and become part of the background, and so does the landscape behind him. The pavement at their feet has been destroyed. There is no longer a stable ground to stand on.”
– StreetArtNews


~ By Fintan Magee ~ Photo:


~ By Fintan Magee ~ Photo:

Click here for more info about Fintan Magee and his work!

Have a nice day!

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  1. Bipasha · September 15, 2016

    I find this so intriguing.

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