Elian in Ukraine

Argentinian artist Elian Chali, aka Elian, decorated Kyiv’s secondary school #219 with his mural. The art piece named “Slight Presence of Transparency“ is situated on Obolonskiy Avenue, 2-B.

“Unlike my recent work, I haven’t used transparency effect of the primary colors for this piece, only a slight presence in gray. My search is developed on the behavior of pure colors and overlapping. The white background is almost non-existent, the wall is saturated with figures that respond to a central point. None basic geometric element is present, but the hardness of the transverse lines give a sense of geometry. This piece establishes the debate about the importance of empty spaces (air) in a composition”, explains Elian.

Elian2_photo by Elian

~ By Elian ~ Photo: Elian

ElianFB_photo by Elian

~ By Elian ~ Photo: Elian

The Mural Social Club Festival is organized by NGO Sky Art Foundation and Dmytro Palienko, curated by Julia Ostrovska and Oleg Sosnov.
The festival line-up includes top street art names, all of whom are coming to Ukraine to decorate the cities with their artwork: Li-Hill, Rodrigo Branco, Fintan Magee, Borondo, Fikos Antonios, Millo, Agostino Iacurci, Elian, Evoca1 and others.

Elian2_Photo by Maksim Belousov

Photo: Maksim Belousov

More info about Elian and his work tomorrow!

Have a beautiful day!

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