Meet AFI

AFI is street artist based “somewhere in Europe”, she is known for her stencils and amusing street art.

“Art has to be shared. Art has to be everywhere; democratized and easily accessible by everyone. Those were some random thoughts I had and then AFI was born. I love passing the message no matter that it might be gone in a few hours. That is the charm of street art. My technique is mainly stencil and my concepts are inspired from the male world. My signature is colorful. You might see my work out in the streets or inside creating on a commission basis.
My base is in Europe, wherever I can find a canvas made of bricks.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”
– AFI Street Art, Facebook

afi stencil

~ By AFI ~ Photo:

AFI thessaloniki

~ By AFI ~ Thessaloniki, Greece – Photo: AFI Street Art on Facebook

Have a nice weekend!

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