Woman With Aloe Vera Plant

Recent mural by Fintan Magee in Sapri, Salerno, Italy titled “Woman With Aloe Vera Plant”.
His mural is based on Grant Woods painting ‘Woman with Plants’.
“This painting depicts a local woman in the small town of Sapri in South of Italy. The mural references the social realist tradition of painting regular people within their working environment and celebrates the role of motherhood in South Italian communities. The Aloe Vera plant can be seen growing in many gardens and balconies in the local area and is also important to the artist personally because during his childhood, his own mother grew the plant, often using it to help heal his cuts or bruises if he was injured.”
– StreetArtNews.net

Fintan Magee Aloe Vera

~ By Fintan Magee ~ Sapri, Italy – Photo: streetartnews.net

His mural is in harmony with it’s surroundings.

Click here for more info about Fintan Magee!

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