By Tamara Alves

Mural by Tamara Alves who is a female street artists based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Tamara Alves

~ By Tamara Alves ~ Photo:

I got a comment asking “where are all the women street artists?” and that is what I am going to focus in the next days – there are many women in the graffiti and street art world who create excellent murals.

Previous posts about great female street artists: Zabou, Alice Pasquini.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. scooj · May 13, 2016

    Great idea. I am coming across more and more women street artists. They are not as rare as one might think.

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  2. hitandrun1964 · May 13, 2016

    How wonderful!

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  3. Frankie Beane · May 14, 2016

    Yup. there are lots of great female artists out there.

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