Who Is Escif?

Escif is a Spanish street artist, most of his work can be found in the streets of Valencia, Spain, but also in countries such as Canada, Italy, France, Poland and more.
The use of subdued colors and simple lines helps the artist make a humorous statement on various social issues. His work is much more about the message – in an interview with Unurth the artist shares:

“Although sometimes is not easy to separate, I try to focus my work around concepts, not just shapes. I try to found my style like the consequences of my own ideas. I understand the painting as an exercise of reflection that can be shared with people.
I’m not looking for decorative paintings, I try to wake up viewers minds.”

Escif Katowice, Poland

~ By Escif ~ Katowice, Poland – Photo: thisiscolossal.com


~ By Escif ~ Valencia, Spain – Photo: widewalls.ch

Escif Wikileaks Valencia Spain

~ By Escif ~ Valencia, Spain – Photo: thisiscolossal.com

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  1. scooj · April 25, 2016

    Wonderful. I also like the people in the photographs.

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  2. Emilie Heurtevent · April 26, 2016


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  3. Forestwoodfolkart · September 14, 2016

    good stuff

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