Os Gemeos posted a photo of their latest project “O bunker” on their Facebook page. It is their first ever permanent installation built for Museu Casa do Pontal in Rio de Janeiro. It depicts one of their signature yellow characters hiding in a bunker. The idea behind this project was to show the importance of preserving the tradition and the folk culture of Brazil. Bunker itself represents safety as well as fragility of what’s inside.

Os Gemeos O Bunker

~ By Os Gemeos ~ Photo: Os Gemeos on Facebook

“It’s unfortunate to see such a scene, the Casa do Pontal Museum all flooded!! The largest and most important museum of folk art in the country has become part of the towns patrimony, with a collection of 8500 pieces in danger. The museum is located one meter below the newly constructed Media Village for the 2016 Olympic Games and after Saturday’s storm the rainwater flooded the museum. This already predicted catastrophe points to a total disregard by the government. How long will our culture, history, nature and society be mistreated?”
– Os Gemeos, Facebook


~ Os Gemeos ~ Photo: streetartnews.net


~ By Os Gemeos ~ Photo: streetartnews.net


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